Welcome to UrbanCraft!

Posted: 2012-12-03T00:01:34+0100 - Last edited: 2012-12-03T10:07:59+0100 by oddstr13 - Edit

Hi, and welcome to UrbanCraft, a survival industrial server, with a hint of RPG.

My name is Oddstr13. I am an admin, and the main maintainer of the server. With me i have sim95mo, who also is an admin. He is the initial starter of the server, our founder if you want.

The main goal of the server is to have several well built cities, connected with a railway system. Another goal is RPG-like game-play, with a good and balanced economy, where players trade resources and services in-game.

This is a legit server, which means no spawning of resources.

There is a separate world for mining, to avoid major deformation of the main map's landscape.

Join us, have fun!